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Michael Wamey Schedule Not Available

Price: BHD 15 / hr
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Bassem Al Khatab Schedule Not Available

Price: BHD 14 / hr
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Haniah Shath Schedule Not Available

Price: BHD 10 / hr
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Sadiqa Khan Schedule Not Available

Price: BHD 10 / hr
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I have eight years being an experienced PG faculty with a Master's degree and a Master of Philosophy qualification in computer science. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Education as well.

As a freelance tutor, I am happy to travel to students' homes, libraries, or schools to conduct sessions. Schedules can be made here via my schedule or via phone with the Daresni Support Team (+973 3366 2333)  

I can help students with English, Mathematics, Science and other subjects, depending on student requests. I now offer digital sessions during the COVID-19 through the Daresni platform. 

Feel free to contact the Daresni Support team to book a full course of sessions at a discounted rate!