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NARIMAN QASIM Click for more info

Price: BHD 7/hr

Language: English

Expertise: English

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YOUSUF SABRI Click for more info

Price: BHD 15/hr
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MOHAMED SALAH Click for more info

Price: BHD 15/hr

Language: Arabic

Expertise: Mechanical Engineering

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CEDRIC JOLET Click for more info

Price: BHD 25/hr
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Daresni Approved Institutes, Private Courses & Camps


This Arabic course is designed for students between the ages of 3-12. Ms. Alaa has extensive knowledge in teaching the Arabic Langusge through private schools and online. She is one of the highest booked tutors of  the Arabic language on the Daresni platform to date and has experience in teaching all types of children of various academic difficulties.

With her high reputation and skills of teaching younger kids Arabic and Islamic Studies, Ms. Alaa has produced a 10 hour/session course that can be catored to each individual student  (beginner, intermediate & advanced)

Courses are conducted online during the COVID-19 and can be booked as physical sessions thereafter. 

Ms. Alaa is a teacher by profession (over 7 years)  and graduated with a certification in teaching children with special needs.